Why work with me?

I consider myself a Digital Creative Strategist. Rather than just putting out a few tweets a week for your company, I¬†work on your brand’s entire digital marketing: social media, website, blog, newsletter, social media advertising, everything.

I build strategies that seamlessly incorporates visuals, copy, analytics, ads, and engagement. I can also create and manage all of these aspects. I’m there at the strategy creation and brainstorming, I help create all content required, and then get that posted to your followers through social media management – and engage with your followers.

Get in touch if I can help you with tone-perfect, creative digital strategies and management that encapsulates your brand.

B2B content writing 

I provide content writing with my above digital creative work, but I can also offer it separately.

I took to writing the moment I learnt how – my little illustrated stories at primary school turned to terrible novels in my teens, to paid content work in my twenties (and more terrible novels).

My philosophy is that all content should be both informative and engaging. I’ve written everything from short snappy Instagram captions to long form technical articles, and everything in between.

I have particular experience in writing B2B content: mostly in tech, business and finance