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Social media can be a confusing world, but if you are a small business or a start-up, it’s a world you need to navigate. Simply ‘having’ an online presence isn’t enough – you need one that works for you and isn’t a drain on your time and resources.

Whether you want consulting on your current efforts, training on how to do your social media smoothly, or actual social media management, I can help.

I am a social media specialist with 6+ years of experience, keen to help growing businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs do their best in the big bad world of social media. My experience covers publishing, sport, wellbeing, the arts, fashion, higher education, events and conferences.

Consulting with others on how to solve their social media headaches has always been my favourite part of the job.


What do I offer? 

Whatever you need, I’m flexible and happy to come up with a package to suit you, whether that’s social media management, plans, consultancy, and helping to come up with strategy for your fledgling business, or your next big move.

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My experience

      • Current clients.
        • Consider Creative, a London-based design agency with clients such as Save the Children, LSE and Imperial. I help them to do their own social media to attract new clients and keep up strong relationships with existing ones.
        • The Road Book, a cycling almanack edited by one of the famous voices of the Tour de France coverage in the UK Ned Boulting. I create social media concepts, plans and manage the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the book.
      • Various consultancy clients over the last year – including consulting for a yoga studio, an art initiative, a mindfulness product, a women’s coaching entrepreneur, and a child’s theatre group.
      • Freelance agency work – including writing Facebook ad copy for Havas People.
      • London Business School – Social Media Manager [won the Best Facebook Performance in Net Native’s Edurank Awards 2018]
      • Hodder & Stoughton – Social Media Executive
      • Austin Reed – social media freelancer
      • Secret Sales – social media freelancer
      • Burson Marsteller – Client Executive on Technology Desk

You can see my LinkedIn profile here

What’s my philosophy? 

I aim to ensure that brands have their own unique voice online backed by a solid strategy that sets them up for all the bumps and swerves of social media. Engaging ideas, impactful content, KPIs, objectives, paid social, brand story, content plans – everything you need to show off on your channels. It’s not about harvesting as many likes as possible, buying followers or spamming Instagram hashtags, it’s about understanding what your audience wants and engaging them in a way that helps you to achieve your goals.


What do my clients say?

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