A bit about me…

I grew up all over Yorkshire and went to university even further north at Durham University. I spent 5 years living in London on and off, haunting both north west London and down by the Thames.

I’ve been working in social media since I graduated in 2011, and copywriting kept me in spending money throughout my time at university.

A few things about me and my career:

  • I moved to Valencia, Spain in 2017.
  • I’ve been working in social media and writing for my whole career
  • Best Facebook Performance in Net Native’s Edurank Awards 2018 – London Business School
  • I was a speaker at the CASE Social Media and Communities 2017 conference
  • I once organised a webinar of 900+ people so they could speak to a woman who communicates with angels (long story)
  • I spent my teenage years catching escaped chickens and pigs on my family’s smallholding
  • Most of my best stories are getting lost (once in a German forest, once in Belgrade, once in the Bosnian mountains, more to follow)
  • I managed an Instagram account that increased from 1,500 followers to 13,500
  • I’m a huge sports nut: predominantly cycling, tennis, ice hockey and rugby.

More about my career and work history can be seen here on LinkedIn.